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  • Our range of Teat Dips includes both ready to use and concentrated teat dips and sprays, including the number one best-seller, Hexaguard. Our teat dips are economical to use and are proven to be excellent in the prevention of mastitis. Available from local co-op stores and agribusinesses.

  • Premium Xtra Teat Wipes are quite simply ‘Best in Class’ as a wet teat wipe. The wipes have a high spec disinfectant and also contain 2% glycerine to replace moisture keeping teats supple, soft and healthy. Faster than pre-dipping and dry-wiping. Available from co-op stores and agribusinesses.

  • The ‘Original Green Dairy Wipes’ are highly absorbent, making them the market leader in dry dairy wipes. Also available in this category are the Samson Premium Strength Blue Dairy Wipes, a blue paper towel popular among dairy farmers offering exceptional quality and value for money.